Your physical vitality will greatly influence your success in sales. It is hard to sell well when you don’t feel well.

Consistent quality sleep, supports “superhuman” vitality.

In this series of posts about how the quality of your sleep affects your sales success, it is important to take a look at the role that your genes play in your physical health and vitality.

Genes affect your health but do not control it

Why? If you believe that your health has been predetermined by your genes, then you are less likely to creates habits in eating and exercise that will increase the probabilities of ongoing health.

Shawn Stevenson, in his book Sleep Smarter, mentions a developing science called Epigenetics. Research in this field indicates that our genes do not directly affect our health as much as our lifestyle and our environment.

Shawn uses the metaphor that our genes are like a blueprint with many different options, that are determined by the external factors in our lives.

Your genes are like generic house blueprints with many options.

Other authors in other disciplines have also written about how our lifestyle can affect the expression of our genes.  In the book, The China Diet, Dr. Colin Campbell and his co-author use the metaphor of growing grass.

The harmful effects of our environment and lifestyle choices are like casting grass seeds on the ground.

The seeds are there, but for them to grow, those seeds need water, sunshine, and fertile soil. Our genetic dispositions make that soil more or less fertile, but without water and sunshine… seeds on the most fertile ground will not grow.

Which brings us to the question of this post. Regardless of your genetic dispositions, is your lifestyle choices and environment encouraging or discouraging your possible genetic dispositions toward illness?

As we’ll see in the posts that follow, Shawn Stevenson teaches us that the quality of our sleep is a vital, healing factor to keep any genetic dispositions from expressing itself in illness.