Many salespeople dread the sales processes of their company as a necessary evil.  However, when mastered, these sales processes provide you with an advantage over your colleagues.

Selling processes are not fun, but they are valuable in several ways

“The sales professional’s work is selling, not doing these stupid sales processes that companies require, which a are a complete waste of time!”

Well, yes and no. Let’s unpack that sentence and see if we can find some value in that “waste of time.”

Yes, a sales professional’s work is selling

Your company hires you to sell their products and services at reasonable sales margins that sustain the company and justify your position.

No, those sales processes are not a complete waste of time. Some of those processes may be redundant, outdated and unuseful.  But even the smallest of companies must have some sales processes to ensure the accuracy of orders and timeliness of delivery.

Sales processes ensure sales service, which can lead to more sales for you!

With larger companies, the importance of those processes is multiplied by people like you and me–imperfect, busy and sometimes forgetful.

That doesn’t mean that sales processes are fun. It does mean they are necessary.

So embrace them. Not just because they allow you to sell with more confidence that your company will deliver the products and services you have sold.

Sales processes also they represent career opportunity. and will talk about that on my next blog…