The three characteristics of a good web hosting provider is reliable service,  friendly, 24-hour support and affordable pricing.

GoDaddy customer service helps unravel the dark mysteries of the Internet

How does GoDaddy stack up?

Very quickly it became apparent that by their numbers, when it comes to hosting websites and blogs, including this blog, GoDaddy is a hosting leader with tens of millions of websites.

Wide range of services

Choose a hosting company that offers a “host” of services that allows users to create their own blogs and websites, or will do all the work for a fee. GoDaddy offers both options.

Do other hosting companies do the services “better”?   That depends on your individual judgment. The point here is the wide variety of services they offer. If you want a one-stop, do everything company who is large enough that they must protect their name, then GoDaddy can provide this level of service.

Friendly, helpful, 24-hour service

GoDaddy offers competent and friendly 24 hour customer service by phone.  In my experience, they have been able to walk me through any question or issue that I’ve had.  Customers pay for that convenience in the pricing, but if you work long hours and the only time you call in for support is after hours, that means you can take care of web stuff without sacrificing prime selling time.

Reasonable prices

There’s always someone cheaper.  The guy works out of his pickup truck. A neighbor down the road. Most don’t have extensive in-house services. Most won’t pick up the phone 24 hours a day. you get what you pay for, so make sure you know what you want.

I would say that GoDaddy has reasonable prices, but you can find less expensive hosting services.  As mentioned above, with that lower price, they probably do not provide 24 hour customer service/technical help.

GoDaddy lends a helping hand as you seek to establish your presence on the Internet.

Regarding hosting, here’s the deal with GoDaddy and most competitors. They’ll offer you a low price at first, to get you online. but at the end of that 2-year or more agreement, the costs will significantly increase.

One more thought about pricing:  If you are committed to using that website in the years ahead, max out the intro offer. You’ll save tons of money because when your introductory offer is over… prices will significantly increase.

Who’s your online Daddy?