How quickly your buyers can understand your products and services will impact your ability to sell to them.

Buyers Don’t always buy the best products and services!

Confusion is not your friend in selling!

How can that be?  The answer can be found in one sentence for you to “brain tattoo” into your thoughts:

A confused mind says NO!

Even if your products and services are the best, your prospects may not buy them because they do not understand them.  Yes, you may explain all the features and benefits clearly. They can understand those specific aspects of what you are selling.

What buyers don’t understand is the big picture.

What is the overall purpose and benefit of what you are selling? Boiling it down into one sentence, what do your products/services do for them.  A better way to frame that question is, WHY should they buy your products/services.

The bottom line is this:

Many salespeople are better at explaining the specific details of what they sell than the big picture about what they sell.

Selling is a conversation to discover how your products serve your buyers.

Even worse, when asked to explain what they sell, they must basically give an abbreviated presentation.  Why? because their understanding is based on the details of the features, and not how those features benefit the customer.

Many salespeople focus on their product, not their buyer.

They assume that the customer will connect the dots between the product’s features and how it will benefit the customer.

A costly assumption!  Customers today are busy and distracted. If they don’t make that connection, then that small bit of confusion about how your products/services will benefit them… is just enough for them to say NO.