How you see your role as a salesperson, as the hero, rather than a guide, will impact your sales.

Customers want to be the hero.

Everyone wants to be the hero. Some want to be the “on stage” hero that is highly visible and they receive lots of public accolades.

Others want to be the “behind the scenes” hero that avoids unwanted public attention but is acknowledged by people in the know as the mover and shaker of that company.

Well, here’s a news flash:

Your prospects and customers want to be the hero, too!

In his book, “Building a Storybrand, author Donald Miller encourages us to be the guide and let our customers be the hero.  The story is about the customer. We are the guides that step in to provide guidance on a particular aspect of the customer’s story.

The distinction between Hero and Guide can be a thin line. We can want the very best for our customers and act in their best interests… and still, play the role of the hero.  How? By making our company, our products and us the heroes. “We’re here to save the day!” we imply indirectly in our words and actions.

Be a hero by being the Guide!

The story is how your prospects and customers are becoming the hero. As their guide, you can demonstrate how your product and service help them fulfill their role as hero.  In Star Wars parlance, you are Yoda, your customers are Luke Skywalker.

Be the Guide.  It pays much better.