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What I learned from the 10 sales trainers/influencers I follow: Nancy Nardin taught me that CRMs express a sales philosophy

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Nancy Nardin explained the importance of time and how CRM programs and other technology can better utilize wasted time.

There is no additional time. Only better use of time.

We can’t get more time in life. But we can free up more unproductive time, which provides more net time for the more important work that creates more sales.

Nancy hits on a theme that I frequently address in my writings:

Time is not your friend in selling

The more time a prospect takes before making a buying decision, the more factors can arise to distract or completely derail the prospect from taking immediate action.

  • Another expense comes up with uses the funds that were available to buy your product.
  • The decision maker leaves that role and the new decision maker is unfamiliar with your product or wants to use a competitor’s product instead.
  • The prospects get second thoughts about buying.
  • The prospect becomes busy with other matters and loses sight of the value of your product.

Time is not your friend in selling!

Technology can help you squeeze the most out of your time.

Nancy reminds us to use technology

  • to our advantage, not become a slave to it.
  • to save time. Use it to keep us more focused on timely follow-ups.
  • to increase the quality of our follow-ups by providing easy access to our notes on previous meetings and plans for future meetings.

Technology isn’t a substitute for sales. But some technology can accelerate sales by streamlining your sales process.

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