John Maxwell expanded my understanding of leadership by showing how leadership is an activity throughout the day.

Leadership is not simply the person standing in front of the room.

What is your definition of leadership?  As I began my professional journey many years ago:

I assumed that leadership is something you do from the front of the room.

It is the person with the title that leads the others with lesser or no titles in that organization. It is the person in the biggest office, who gets the most pay.

John helped me understand that leadership happens all around me, on all levels, all day long. Leadership is about influence and some of the best leaders, as Robin Sharma writes, are leaders without a title.

Some of the best leaders have no titles

John also clarified in my mind that leadership is about communication, not commands. That respectful, encouraging and even challenging communication is what brings out the best in people.

That results in influence and that is the essence of leadership.

Newsflash: Minions are not leaders.

In sales, we are all leaders.  We lead our prospects to buy and our customer service team to provide timely support.

As your numbers begin to consistently top the production chart, you will receive opportunities to help other sales team members increase their sales. Title or not, paid or not, you will be acting in a leadership capacity.

That’s a good thing, on many levels–a topic for another post!