Gerhard Gschwandtner helped me better understand the effects of the “implanted mindset” and how to overcome it to achieve my goals in life.

Our implanted mindset comes from a variety of sources in our lives.

Do not underestimate the impact others have upon your mindset!

Gerhard taught me that a big factor in achieving success in life, however you define success, is your mindset.  Most business people would agree with that, having experienced the cause and effects of thinking in their lives and in others.

What many of us are not aware of how much of our current mindset was implanted by others through lessons and instruction by our teachers and by life’s experiences.

Is your implanted mindset creating undesired resistance?

Think about the formal or informal mentors, coaches or speakers you’ve been exposed to during your life.  Think about the conversations you’ve had with friends and family. Consider the expectations they’ve expressed about life.

As I have written in regard to rapport skills, the people we like the most, often have the most influence upon us.  The nature of being in rapport with others leads to trading behaviors… and beliefs.

It’s not absolute. You still decide for yourself what you want to believe. The topic here is not about your freedom to make choices. It is about influence.

Influence you are unaware of is often the most influential

Gerhard reminds us to occasionally step back and examine if our current mindset is empowering us to achieve our sales goals, or is limiting us from our best sales performance.