The #1 Challenge of YOUR salespeople...

Is becoming LOST IN THE SALE

Let's face it...   

A lot of salespeople don't know how to sell. 

They may be good at prospecting or setting appointments. 

Once the sales appointment begins, they may be good at establishing rapport, identifying needs, and making a presentation.  

But if the buyer doesn't say YES after the first close… 

They become lost in the sale

That means they are not sure what to do next to bring prospects back to the next moment of decision… 

In other words, most salespeople are good at the first half of the sale, which leads up to first close. 

Here is the secret that only the top third sales producers understand:                      

The sale starts at the first close.

Until that moment, everything else  is part of the introduction: 

The presentation may be the longest segment of the sales presentation, but it is still part of the introductions. 

The solution is for your salespeople to always know where they are in the sale at all time.  The key is the Circle of Persuasion, which is the only complete map of the sales process.

There are two ways to learn about how the Circle of Persuasion can help your salespeople never become lost in the sale again. 

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after hearing the first NO... your Sales Team is not sure what to do next to persuade Prospects to make a buying decision.

So they often repeat what they already said, saying it more loudly and with a hint of frustration...

Most sales people are good at the first half of the sale leading up to the first close...

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