7 Misconceptions of Lower Third Salespeople


Misconception # 7: Closing a sale means being "pushy"

The Two Biggest Mistakes in Selling

Closing a sale is the single toughest action for Lower Third salespeople. 

It is so pushy. So rude. And so selfish. Asking someone else do something for their benefit. Especially spending money to do something that benefits the salesperson.

As a result, Lower Third salespeople make the same two mistakes over and over. 

1. They tense up at the close.

All during the sales appointment, they were relaxed. So was the prospective buyer.  Educating prospective buyers is relaxing, fun and fulfilling. 

But then comes the time to ask the prospective buyer to take action... Yikes!  Voice, facial expressions, body postures all become more tense. 

And so does the prospective buyer! Why? Because people in rapport tend to follow each other's behavior. At the close, the prospective buyer tenses up and has no idea why!

2. The salesperson keeps talking after the close. 

If the prospective buyer doesn't say YES right away.... the silence is unbearable. After selfishly asking the prospective buyer to say YES, to let an uncomfortable few moments of decision linger... 

So the salesperson starts selling again, reminding the buyer of reasons to buy. 

That confuses the prospective buyer, because now the salesperson has resumed the presentation, which means it is not time to make a buying decision.

And eventually they don't.  

"I want to think about it."  That objection often occurs after the sales person interrupted the moment of decision several times.  

Help your Lower Third salespeople avoid these two mistakes and watch how their anxities and fears about the selling profession evaporate.  

Teach them about trial close questions and how they can guage the customer's response long before they are asked to take action.  

This is how your Lower Third salespeople can vault into the Middle Third in the next 30 to 60 days. Small adjustments in attitude, strategies and skills lead to big increases in revenues.  

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