7 Misconceptions of Lower Third Salespeople


Misconception # 6: Can't sell value against a lower price

Your Lower Third salespeople believe value = the lowest price

There are two basic types of sales

The first is a price driven sale. That is where you tell prospects that your company offers the very lowest price or at least as low as others. 

The second is a value driven sale. This is where you tell prospects that your product is not the lowest price, but for the price they pay, they get much more value!

Brain damage occurs when your Lower Third sales producers try to sell a value driven product by lowest price.  

It happens all the time. 

The solution is sales consulting. You meet with each of your Lower Third salespeople and discuss your value proposition. Until they buy into the value that drives your company's value proposition... they will remain in the Lower Third.

Once they understand how your company offers more value, even though the price is higher... only then can you teach them how to sell value. 

During individual sales consulting with each member of your sales team, we will discuss customized statements that lead prospective buyers to want the level of value your company offers, even if it initially costs more money. 

In other words, the key to selling value against lower price is not talking prospects into paying too much money for a product that has the same amount of value as the lower cost competition. 

It is persuading buyers that, dollar for dollar, they will receive more value from your company, even though they are paying more money. 

If that is a brain twisting concept for you or your sales team, call or email me and let's discuss it in further detail. 

Here's why this selling skill is a game changer: Once your prospects buy into the additional value they will receive from your company... price becomes secondary!

Price is still important. But when you have successfully sold the value, prospects are willing to pay extra for it. 

That is why you'll hear some experienced sales professionals say that it is easier to sell value than price. The value sale occurs before you get to price.  Prospects that buy into price are more willing to pay a higher price.  

It requires individual conversations...

Your Lower Third salespeople have emotional objections about selling. The process of selling creates tension in them.  

Books and group trainings may help, but not as much as individual sales consulting. You must meet with them, discover what aspects of selling are creating tension, provide new perspectives on their selling activities and inspire them to stretch in developing new professional skills. 

Either you do it, or I will. 

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