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In the FREE training below, you will learn:

1) How to diagnose and address why your Lower Half sales producers don't sell more.

2) How to identify the most important elements in selling. There are just a few. Anyone who says your team must master 15 or 20 steps is selling you extra sales training. 

3) How to communicate with your sales team at least twice a month about how they can increase their selling skills, then you are not fully utilizing your role as sales manager or owner to equip them to sell more.


It's all a free sample of the results based sales consulting your sales team will receive! 

FREE training for MENTORING your sales team

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  • This free training introduces the value I will bring to your team.  

  • This website is not about selling my services.  It is about earning the right to assist you with those services.

  • To earn the right, I am providing you immediate value to help your sales team increase their sales this month. 

I am paid to raise your Lower Half producers of a sales team into the Top Half.  The free SALES MENTOR TRAINING below allows you to experience how I will mentor your sales team:

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7 Misconceptions of Lower third Salespeople

INTRODUCTION: Are YOU asking the right TYPE of questions to your sales team?

Before we discuss the 7 misconceptions that keep your salespeople trapped in the Lower Third of your sales production chart, let's examine the TYPE of questions that will equip you to diagnose and address the selling challenges with your sales team. 

This free training explains the two dynamics that lay the foundation for career-changing conversations with each of our salespeople...

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#1: You have to be "pushy" to succeed in sales

The most common trait among your Lower Third sales producers is a deep seated misunderstanding about the true nature of selling. They think that to be successful in sales... you have to "pushy".  

This free training shows you unshackle the sales talents of your Lower Third producers by showing the difference between closing questions--which they perceive as pushy--and clarifying questions, confirmation questions and trial close questions--which help prospects make informed buying decisions...

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#2: Selling is giving presentations and answering questions.

 Many of your Lower Third producers believe that "selling" is giving sales presentations.  Once they have given a presentation... their work is basically finished. They have no further influence in the prospect's buying decision.    

Misconception # 2, an incomplete understanding the two areas of selling, limits the selling efforts of your Lower Third producers.    

This training will help you empower your Lower Third salespeople to continue selling after giving a presentation, picking up some of the sales they have been leaving on the table...

#3 Selling is making statements

Lower Third producers typically rely too much on making statements to persuade their prospects to buy.  

The assumption is that if you educate prospects, they will buy. That is enough for some prospects but others need additional persuading to make a buying decision. 

in this free training, you will learn how to  empower your Lower Third producers to increase their sales revenues by using the three activities of selling more effectively...

# 4: My company's value proposition is weak

 This training will show you how to lead your sales team to a more complete understanding of the value your company offers, and how each salesperson is part of that value proposition. 

Free training provided to clients onsite... 

# 5: Selling to prospects who can't buy today.

This training will show you how to teach 4 questions to your sales team that enables them to discern if a prospect can make a buying decision that day.

Free training provided to clients onsite...

# 6: Can't sell value against lower priced competition

This training will discuss how to train your team to sell value against lower cost competition. 

 Free training provided to clients onsite... 

#7: Can't close the sale without being "pushy"

In this training, you will learn how many salespeople win the sale... only to lose the sale during the close because of these two frequent mistakes.  

 Free training provided to clients onsite...