As sales professionals, it is important not to be fooled, or to use a stronger word, seduced by the messages of the world. Here is a stunning example:

Persuasion skills count.

Don’t be easily fooled.

Fooled by a powerful experience

Joseph Campbell was a beloved author and speaker in the mid 20th century. His writings and recordings about mythology are still popular today.

In the book, The Hero’s Journey, Joseph Campbell talks about how his trip to Paris in 1925 opened up his eyes to the exciting Avante-Garde, bohemian art, and literature of that day.

Although he graduated from Columbia University in the heart of New York City, his experiences in Paris impacted his life in academics and in life.

We are all susceptible

If we were in his shoes, the experience would have probably impacted us as well. The point is… the experience influenced him as much as the ideas that he embraced.

You can read about it in the book. The contrast of the experience led him to accept the “modern” ideas of that day as much as the ideas themselves.

Accepted the worldview of the bohemians, their ideas naturally made more sense.

Let me state it this way: If we lived in New York City now and move to Paris for a year, it would not impact us like it did him in 1925.

Contrast is a dynamic of a powerful experience

Why? Because the contrast is not nearly as great.  There is still a difference in culture, but there is as much, if not more Avante-Garde in New York City now as there is in Paris.

Here’s the point. If you confuse experience with ideas/content, then you are a sucker for any experience providing salesperson who dangles the next shiny object in front of you.

Experiences affect all of us

But if the basis of those experiences is not on solid footing, it is a recipe for disappointment.  No matter how shiny the dangling objects.

If you want to be an influencer in the marketplace, then don’t be easily seduced by products and services that sound good, that promise a good experience but ultimately deliver disappointment.


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