If you don’t proactively take charge of these five steps when creating a compelling website, you are asking for headaches when creating your website.

Don’t leave your website to chance

5 steps for creating your website

In the previous post, we discussed why it is important to take an active role in reaching agreements with your webmaster about creating your website. Here are five steps for avoiding unnecessary headaches:

Step 1: Ask your potential webmaster for referrals.

Look at the websites of customers that your webmaster has worked with. Do they even resemble what you have in mind?

If not, then consider if that webmaster has the skills or style or inclination to create what you have in mind.

Step 2: Get your agreement in writing

Don’t depend on word of mouth agreements!  Webmasters have lots of customers and lots of conversations.

Memory is a bad medium for agreements. What should you agree on in writing?  Here are two areas:

Step 3. Agree about the number of changes allowed.

Will the webmaster charge you extra for changes? You should get at least one change without charge, because unless the webmaster can read your mind, there is bound to be some slippage in communication.

Also, and this is important for you to know, you will probably need to see the first draft of the website to know what works for you.

Which color, which size and style of font, which images to use may change. Even the amount and wording of content may change once you see the website on a screen.

If you wait until you see the first draft and ask to make changes, the webmaster may charge you.

Even if you complain and the webmaster begrudgingly agrees, the business relationship has soured.

All because you did not agree on changes in advance.

The fourth and fifth steps for avoiding unnecessary headaches are in the next post…

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