Here are four hacks for setting goals that will create results for you in the next 12 months.

A new year brings new possibilities

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of writing down your goals and putting a date on each of them for completion. In this final post of this goal setting series, Michael Hyatt reminds of these four hacks for taking your goals to a realization:

Be Specific

“I want to have my best year selling” is a great aspiration. It is too ambiguous as a goal.  How much more do you want to sell this year? Be specific in gross sales or net margins.

Have Measurable goals

Having specific goals allows you to measure your progress toward those goals. “I want to make customers happy” can become “I will return all calls by the end of each business day”.

Have Actionable goals

To paraphrase a line from the movie, The Princess Bride, we are people of action. So don’t set “be” goals. (I will be more…  Instead, set actionable “do” goals–I will (describe specific actions by specific dates.

Goal setting begins with a pen or pencil.

Set realistic but exciting goals

Set goals at the intersection of realistic and exciting.  Realistic goals that are outside your comfort zone and the stretch energizes you, but not goals outside of reality. One of the strategies for greatness is consistency. Recognizing and doing your MDA: minimum daily actions you can do every day, regardless.

The year is young. The possibilities are great. Dare to write down specific, actionable goals that lead to consistent, exciting productivity.

Have courage and begin writing.