This new year, will you just going along for the ride? Passively show up to see what happens?

Are you actively planning the results you want to achieve by December 31st?


In the book, When Buyers Say No, my co-author Tom Hopkins and I write about wait-n-see selling. That is a type of selling that a large number of selling professionals use in their daily selling.

You have a say in what you will achieve this year!

They show up, give a presentation, answer questions and then wait-n-see what their prospective buyer does next.

The underlying assumption is that they cannot really influence prospective buyers to make an immediate buying decision besides presenting the features (and maybe the benefits) of their product/service.

Many salespeople approach selling with an assumption of powerlessness!

Well, many salespeople plan their year the same way. They show up for life and then wait-n-see what the new year brings.  They don’t clearly identify what they want to achieve during the new year.

They have a vague wish for more sales, more money, maybe a promotion. But nothing specific. No time frames. Certainly no plan of action to increase the probabilities of achieving their goals and enjoying a life they’ve always desired.

Don’t be a wait-n-see salesperson. Take charge of your career!

If that has described you in past years, then make this year different. In the next few posts, we’ll examine some steps you can take to make this coming year an exceptional year.

Oh, and Happy New Year!