In this electronic age, business cards still play an important role early in the sale.  In this post, we’ll look at possibilities for designing your business card

Business cards can help prospects remember you.

Designing a business card that is remembered

If you sell for an established company, you will probably have little say in the design of your business cards. And that is okay, because you want the power of your company’s established name and logo.

If you work for yourself, or a small company that gives you leeway in designing the card, then you have some options for standing out from the crowd:


You are familiar with the standard size of most business cards.  But your business card doesn’t need to be that same size.

Some salespeople purposely design an oversized card–one that does not easily fit into a card rolodex or business card book. Not that many people use those tools these days.

This is too big. But the prospect would always remember you!

Still, it is the novelty of the size that can make your business card more memorable.

The downside is that irregularly sized business cards can cost a lot more to have made–printing companies have to turn a profit, too!

In the next post, we’ll look at the content of your business cards…