Let’s try this again. You always want to have a buyers agreement with you whenever you see a prospective buyer because you never know when they might decide to buy.

Having a buyers agreement gives you confidence.

You never know when a prospect wants to buy

Especially if you are in the service/sales industry where you often call on your customers for service reasons, and in the course of your service, you also sell them additional services.

Here is an example: While making a routine customer call, your customer says, “Last night at our Board meeting, we decided to move forward on the proposal you gave me six months ago for ___. What is the next step for to move forward?”

You say, “Great!’ and then realize that you don’t have a buyers agreement with you. Not on your person. Not in your car.

Now your self-confidence in this call has taken a hit because you feel unprepared.

You start back peddling your way to Plan B, “When I get back to the office this evening, I will email you…”

Time is never your friend in selling.

Will you still get the sale?  There is a good chance. But time is never your friend in selling. Buyers change their minds. Circumstances change. Last minute competitors show up.

Always have a buyers agreement among your materials when meeting with prospective buyers. Even if you don’t take it into the meeting, at least have a few in your car.