This final post in this series looks at how to utilize painful parts of your past to accelerate your sales career and the importance of a professional appearance.

Turn painful memories into gold.

Lesson # 7: Utilize painful experiences from your past into treasures of wisdom, personal growth, and sales productivity.

How do you transform pain into treasures?  One of the most useful bits of wisdom I’ve heard is, “Be at peace with where you are in life.”

When you achieve peace about your present position in life, then you can more easily separate the lessons of unpleasant experiences from the pain of those experiences.

In selling, this is particularly true. Every sales call can be viewed as an opportunity to learn and grow your selling skills. You have the opportunity to experiment with what you say and how you say it.

As for the painful lessons… they are not pleasant, but they are probably the most long-lasting, career changing sources of wisdom you will experience as a sales professional.

Whether dressed in a suit or business casual, be professional in your appearance!

Lesson # 8:  Do not participate in the Collective DeProfessionalization of Business.

This is a great lesson to conclude this series. The selling environment has become a lot more relaxed in the past few decades. Don’t get sucked into that trap.

Is it okay to dress business casual in certain types of selling? Yes!

But however you dress, be professional in your appearance. It is not about a business suit or business casual. It is about being professional.

Attend the details of your appearance, just as you attend the details of your sales presentation.


There you have it. Eight lessons to help propel your sales career into this young year. May 2018 be your best year ever!