Pursuing progress and eliminating victim-speak are two more lessons from Robin Sharma to raise your selling game this coming year:

Consistent progress is the best road toward perfection

Lesson # 5:  Pursue progress instead of chasing perfection

Perfection is a worthy pursuit when you are already making progress. But when your focus on perfection stops you from making progress… it is time to change your focus.

Consistent progress is the surest path toward perfection.  Daily, weekly and monthly progress in your selling career allows you to refine your strategies and tactics for your specific sale as well as your general selling skills.

One of my mentors said it this way, “Production to perfection.”  Consistent progress toward perfection is better than doing nothing while trying to be perfect from the start.

Sales People Take Buyers on a Journey

The stories you tell yourself affect your sales performance

Lesson # 6: Delete victim-speak from your languaging. Stop saying, “I can’t”, “It’s not possible” and “It’s so hard.”

Self-talk matters.  It either frees you to access your inner resources and give your best efforts. Or it limits your energy and selling activities.

So this young year, determine to eliminate self-defeating self-talk that does not move you toward your selling goals.

How can you do that?

Interrupt yourself when you start the negative babble.

Get up and leave your location. As Tony Robbins teaches, motion is emotion.  Negative babble thrives in inactivity.

Use music or short video clips to change your thoughts and emotions.  Find inspiring music or short clips from your favorite movies on YouTube.

Dial them up on your smartphone, change your inner dialog, and then get back to work.

You control the content on your inner channel of thoughts.