Powering your sales day Part 2: what breakfast best best fuels your selling power?

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Carbs power some salespeople throughout their day, but I quickly ran out of gas when eating carbs for breakfast.

Protein best fuels my selling day.

In my last post, I shared how my friend could deliver a high energy group presentation after having a plain bagel for breakfast. Good for him!  Not so good for me.

Carbs didn’t work for me. Before my next morning presentation, I ate a couple of bagels for breakfast. Thirty minutes into the presentation, I ran out of gas. At the risk of understatement, it was not my best selling day.

I quickly discovered that protein is what powered my selling day. Two eggs and a half cup of coffee and I’m good through the early afternoon. For my body, protein provides lasting energy. Salmon, ham, steak, all good for this sales guy.

What type of breakfast foods power your best selling days?

Some salespeople:

Skip breakfast altogether. They don’t get hungry until later in the morning, so they start their day and eat as they go.

Some salespeople use sugar to start their day.

Have a coffee for breakfast. With cream and sugar, there is plenty of caffeine and calories, and that gets them through to lunch, perhaps with the help of a mid-morning snack.

Others go for sugar: Donuts, rolls, sweet bagels.  Sugar gets the fires going. Another speaker I worked with ran all day on hard candy.  He came to company meetings with a bag of individually wrapped hard candies and one at a time, he would suck on the candies all day long.

Ironically, he was a doctor-turned-speaker.

Not many medical professionals recommend a high sugar diet. But he sold well as a speaker…

Know what types of foods fuel your best selling day. Balance your energy considerations with long-term health considerations.

It would be a shame if you powered your selling career to create a fantastic lifestyle only to not enjoy it because of ongoing health issues by the end of your 40s.


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