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Part 2: How a fast and reliable Internet service can increase your sales: How well does Comcast provide these features?

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A fast Internet service can increase sales and customer service!

Use technology with the intention of making more sales!

In my previous post, we explored how a fast Internet service on all your devices can help you increase sales by giving you the choice to immediately reply to

  • important prospects who may start buying from you and
  • current customers who may buy additional products and services from you.

In this post, we’ll look at another powerful way that a fast and reliable Internet can help you sell more:

More quickly complete necessary administrative tasks

If you like to do sales administrative tasks, raise your hand.  I see very few hands raised out there in cyberspace.

To be clear, many of us like the feeling of completing required administrative tasks. We like the organization and opportunities that administrative work brings to our selling. But the administration itself…?

CRMs can reduce and increase our administrative work

The idea is to reduce our administrative work

That sounds obvious, but it is good to keep in mind. Otherwise, the joy of completion can become the end of the administrative work.

I am referring to that satisfying feeling of completing a task.  “Look how organized I am.”


But the more important question is how that organization helped you sell more. Selling is the goal. Administrative tasks a necessary tool to facilitate those sales.

How does the speed and reliability of your Internet affect your selling administrative work?  In the third and final installment of this series, I will discuss the disruption that poor service can bring to your selling day and your peace of mind…


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