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Moe’s can be a wise choice of lunch for sales professionals: Products offered by the 10 companies I follow

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Do your lunches slow you down or keep you going during your selling days?  Recognizing what foods power you after lunch is a key factor in the success of your afternoon selling.

Take your smartphone with you into Moe’s to catch up on messages if there is a line.

Moe’s has several advantages and one huge disadvantage as a lunch stop for the active sales professional.

The advantages of eating at Moe’s for lunch include

1. Fast service

Sometimes at rush hour, there will be a line. It is hit or miss, depending on the location and your timing. If you have to stand in line, usually it is 10 minutes or less.

Just in case, bring your smartphone with you so you can put that wait time to use by sifting through your emails and answering the shorter emails.

2. Fresh food

As you have experience, effective selling requires effort. You are not an athlete in the sense of intense physical activity.

Sales professionals are high-performance athletes!

You are very much a high-performance athlete in the sense that you are mentally and emotionally “on” for 40+ hours a week. That requires physical and mental stamina.

And when you do that year after year…, that means you must put fresh, healthy fuel in your body to power you for the long term.

Moe’s offers the other type of chips. Don’t gamble your afternoon selling effectiveness on a bad choice of lunch.

We’ll discuss your health more in future posts, but for now, please understand the undeniable truth that what you eat on a regular basis will affect your long-term health.

Moe’s offers fresh healthy food.  That is a good match for hard-working salespeople.

In the next post, we’ll discuss the third reason to go to Moe’s for lunch and a big reason not to…



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