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Laptop computers enable you to give better service and better use of your time: 10 Indispensable tools to help you sell better

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A laptop computer allows you to have a mobile office that saves time and provide better quality service to your customers.

Use your laptop to increase your value to prospects and customers

Laptop computers allow you to set up a mobile office almost anywhere

With a laptop, you can transform a coffee shop, your car,  or a customer’s reception area into your mobile office!

This mobility provides you two advantages for increasing your sales. in this post, we’ll examine the first advantage that a laptop computer provides to sales professionals


During the course of a busy day, a prospect call or emails you asking for a proposal, or an answer to a question so they can make a buying decision that day. You are miles from your office but because you have a laptop…

You log in to your laptop, use a local wifi hotspot or your smartphone’s internet sharing feature and reply to their request.  You don’t have to wait until you return to your office or home office.

Time is not your friend in selling.

Your timely replies increase your value of your service both to current and potential customers. That added value can lead to more sales and more referrals.

Buyers are more impatient than ever before

And good service is unfortunately rare among salespeople.

The good news for your sales career is that the shortcomings of other salespeople are an advantage to you… when you provide timely service.

In the next post, we’ll examine the second benefit that a laptop brings to you as a sales professional…




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