In past years, in many circles of selling, lack of sleep was a “badge of honor”. But this badge may come with a high price.

Sleep like a baby, sell like a champion!

I grew up in a sales culture where busyness was equated with productivity. “Look how busy I am,” says the hard working account manager or entrepreneur, as he or she whips out a full calendar of sales appointments. The popular joke was:

“We’ll sleep when we’re dead.”

Running parallel to that gem of wisdom was another well circulated urban rumor was that the human body only needs four to six hours of sleep a night.

As a result of this agenda-driven health advice aimed at encouraging sales teams to increase their activity, a good night’s sleep was down graded to the status just above “sissy”. Who wants to be knows as a sissy?

In other words, sleep has received a lot of bad press in the past few decades among many in salespeople and entrepreneurs. It was seen as a waste of time and a sign of laziness.

Gordon Gekko may know money, but not long term health.

“Money never sleeps,” the character Gordon Gekko famously said in the movie WallStreet.

Don’t fall for the agenda driven, misconceptions about sleep. As Shawn addresses in detail in his book, a good night’s sleep benefits your body and brain in ways that will help you energize your selling career.  Sleep deprivation is a badge that will not benefit your health or your sales career.