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Part 1: How a fast and reliable Internet service can increase your sales: How well does Comcast provide these features?

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A fast Internet service available on a variety of devices will allow you to sell more and provide better customer service.

Access can mean additional sales


We live in the world of the Internet

It affects our customers and it affects us. Our information sources about prospects, and our databases concerning our current prospects… often require fast Internet.

Fast and reliable Internet service will boost your sales career in two ways. The first is:

Access to prospects and customers

Would you agree that the bar of customer service has been raised? That your prospects and certainly your customers are less patient in waiting when they reach out to you.  Being accessible during the business day by Internet or phone allows you to choose which emails, texts, and calls you need to respond to right away.

Prioritize whose calls, texts and emails you respond to

But if you are on the road all day and don’t find out until the end of the business day that an important customer or prospect has been trying to reach you… that may cost you additional business.

I am not suggesting that you take every call and respond immediately to every text or email

For some readers, that may be your job description, but for most of us, we have the choice to prioritize our communications. Many non-urgent communications are best replied the early or late hours of the business day.

In my next post, we’ll explore the second advantage of a fast Internet service…



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