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10 Indispensable tools to help you sell better: smartphones allow prospects and customers to return your calls

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For many reasons, smartphones will help you sell more and make your life easier as a salesperson.

Smartphones multiply your availability to buyers.

It is hard to sell to buyers who can’t get a hold of you.  

Here are three reasons why a smartphone is worth the initial investment to buy the phone and the monthly phone bill.

1. Accessibility 

Matching schedules with prospective buyers can be hit or miss.  Yes, you should have your phone turned off, or at least the ringer turned off when you are in meetings or sales presentations with other prospective buyers. But the rest of your working day, to be available to prospects and customers who will buy your products/services… that’s just common sense.

Smartphones let you email or text without a laptop.

2. Emails and texts

Sometimes, written communication is better than a call. Especially when you are a bit late for your next sales appointment. Being able to quickly (and safely) send off a quick text that says you are ten minutes away… may save the sales appointment.  And once you sent the text… it will allow you to relax a bit knowing you have informed your prospective buyer of your estimated time of arrival.

3. GPS

Smartphone users take it for granted now, but just a few years ago, a lot of smartphones didn’t come with a good GPS program. Having your phone talk you to your next driving location takes a lot of stress out of the selling day. Relaxed salespeople are more likable and as you will read in future posts, buyers tend to trust likable salespeople more than those who are distracted and stressed out over the day.


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