The selling environment has become more complex… but selling itself, persuading buyers to take immediate action, remains the same timeless challenge: how to respond when the buyer initially says NO. Even the most qualified prospects often need to be persuaded to take immediate action!

Let us help your sales team exceed their 2017 sales revenues and margins targets with the world’s only complete sales model:

The Circle of Persuasion!


Keep it simple. There are only three basic activities in selling; making statements, asking questions and remaining silent. How and when you do each of these three activities will directly affect your success in sales…


You know your sales team can sell much effectively than they currently are. Through Ben’s mentoring, your salespeople will develop the skills to sell more, at higher margins and enjoy greater professional satisfaction…

When Buyers Say No

When Buyers Say No provides the world’s first detailed teaching about the Circle of Persuasion. The biggest problem in selling occurs after the first no. Salespeople become “lost in the sale” and are not sure.


The frequently used linear model of sales looks like this:

Small talk — give presentation — answer questions — ???

It is a one-way road leading salespeople into the wilderness where they become “lost in the sale”.  That means they are not sure what action to do next!

Should they keep “selling”?  Should they ask more questions?  Should they simply remain silent?  If prospective clients don’t buy immediately after their questions and concerns are addressed, ple to the wilderness.  Put the power of the circle into your sales team and they will never become lost in the sale again!




Brian Tracy:

“Wow!  What a great book!  Sales masters and experts Tom Hopkins and Ben Katt have taken the single most important obstacle to sales success and shown sales professionals how to overcome it once and for all.”

Mark Victor Hansen:

“Saying no to a pro gets them on the go, because most greatand well trained sales people think dyslexically that  “no” means “on”.  Tom and Ben’s book will effectively train you to get to “ON” WHEN THE BUYER SAYS NO.”